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Placement Students

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What we offer


Our outreach counselling service provides counselling for men, women and children (aged 8+) who live in Angus and the surrounding area.

Providing a safe, confidential, and comfortable environment for you to speak with a counsellor about your experience and how it has affected you.  It is up to you what you discuss and your counsellor will go at your pace.

We offer counselling that can be long term with each counselling session lasting approx 50 minutes to an hour.  Appointments can be arranged during the day or evening at a time and place suitable for you and your counsellor.  If you prefer, we can also provide counselling by telephone and walk and talk counselling (normally outdoors).

To make an appointment, telephone 01307 850741 or email us (click on CONTACT above) or you can call or text 07975 726953.  We aim to offer a first appointment as soon as possible after you have contacted us. Our aim is that this would be within 10 working days.

Telephone Counselling

Telephone counselling is just like a face-to-face counselling, except you are talking with your counsellor over the phone.  Your counsellor  will always offer to call you to organise a suitable time for your appointment.  This can be daytime, evenings and sometimes weekends.

Important note: We will never leave a message to say we have called unless you tell us it is safe to do so.


Walk and Talk Counselling

It is just like traditonal counselling except you are walking with your counsellor side by side, while you are talking about issues.  Movement can enrich the counselling sessions and help you feel 'more grounded' whilst being outside. Whether it is in the park, by the beach or in the town.

Confidentiality will also be discussed at your first session for example, how you will negotiate encountering other people when out walking.  Also the weather. If its bad weather, conducting the session indoors may be preferred.




We provide workshops and training  for groups, agencies and organisations who are looking to increase their knowledge and understanding of the issues of child sexual abuse and sexual violence.

Our trainers  have a wealth of knowledge and therapeutic experience within  the arena of childhood abuse and sexual violence. Please click on 'Get Involved' for more information. 



We would like to hear from you if you  if you are interested in volunteering. Please click on 'Get Involved' for more information.

Working in partnership

'Hear Me' has a strong commitment to working in partnership with other individuals,  groups or agencies .

We believe this can lead to improved organisational effectiveness, reduced duplication, better use of resources and more value for money, all of which enable 'Hear Me' to better help its beneficiaries.

We consider frequently whether there are any aspects of our work that can be better delivered in partnership with others. This could be as simple as sharing a minibus  with you or providing joint training.