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Hear Me is a local charity in Angus providing FREE and CONFIDENTIAL specialised counselling for adults and children (aged 8+)

Our counsellors have many years experience working with survivors of sexual abuse  both in the voluntary and private sector.  Specialising in working with complex mental health issues and trauma.


Here to listen



Together as a group of counsellors we became aware that their was no specialised professional counselling available in Angus for people who had experienced sexual abuse.  Often people were having to wait many months to receive professional counselling through their NHS which tended to be time-limited or,  if they opt to go private, find  that counsellor's fees were unaffordable.  

We believe, that counselling should not be time limited.  Sometimes at least a year can be required for anyone to understand what triggers their distress, and to learn to manage it. Sometimes, a year is not sufficient, all depending on the severity of their emotional pain.

The crucial matter here is that, when we are struggling with our lives, in whatever way, we owe it to ourselves to seek support.



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