We provide a training programme for anyone interested in volunteering with Hear Me. 

Our counselling and helpline volunteers are required to successfully complete our  training programme unless they have suitable experiene working  with survivors of sexual abuse.  In return we expect a committment from successful candidats of at least 12 months.


If you hold a postgraduate counselling qualification or equivilant, we would like to hear from you! 


Or, if you are a presently studying for your counselling qualification, please read the information provided on this page entitled 'Counselling Students'


We are also looking for volunteers to help us with office administration, bookkeeping, social media, fundraising etc.  We welcome your call if you would like to get involved.


JOBS - Sorry we have no vacancies at the moment.

Hear Me is an equal opportunities employer.



Hear Me welcomes applications for students wishing to take up a counseling placement.   We provide a training programme according to your level of experience.  Please contact us for more details.  In return Hear Me expects a commitment from successful students of at least 12 months.

Our training programme is designed for counsellors and therapists 'in training' who require additional knowledge and practical skills when working with clients who have experienced childhood abuse and/or sexual violence.

Our counselling placement students will learn strategies in how to indirectly offer information for change and growth, and use creative approaches in their application of practical skills within an ethical framework when working with clients.

Following completion of our training, successful students will  have gained the skill and confidence to enable them to work effectively with issues related to abuse and sexual violence.



Our Trainers

have a wealth of knowledge and therapeutic experience within the arena of childhood abuse and sexual violence.  We can provide workshops, training for agencies and groups that meet your needs and requirements.

If your group or organisation is looking to increase their knowledge and understanding of the issues of childhood abuse and/or sexual violence please contact us.  We are happy to discuss your requirments either over the telephone or arrange to meet with you.


Training Exchange

We believe that ongoing training and development of our staff and volunteers is paramount.  We would also like to hear from you if you have training that you could offer us as an exchange keeping costs low or to a minimum.